Dr. Hassan Badpar
Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Dr. Hassan Baadpar is a Doctor of Medicine graduated from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in 1996. Dr. Baadpar has successfully taken Bioinformatics Courses at the Pasteur Institute of Iran in 2006, Senior Experimenter of Genetic Engineering Course in 2012 at Varastegan Institute for Medical Sciences (Mashhad, Iran), and Genetic Counseling Courses at the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran and State Welfare Organization of Iran. Since 2018, Dr. Baadpar has started working in Nasle Fardā Clinic as Inside Director, Manager, and Genetic Counselor. Since early 2020, due to a large number of consultations, he has focused on genetic counseling for patients and has been assigned as the Laboratory Technical Supervisor in the Nasle Fardā Clinic. Considering Dr. Baadpar’s proficiency in Arabic, Arab patients will have no communication issues and can get genetic counseling.
Doctor's attendance schedule:
Every day from 8:00 to 13:00
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