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مشاوره ی ژنتیک به افرادی که در معرض خطر بروز بیماری های ژنتیکی در خود و یا نزدیکانشان هستند و یا به هر دلیلی نیاز به کسب اطلاعات ژنتیکی از خود و خانواده خود دارند، توسط مشاور ژنتیک انتقال داده می شود.

Genetic testing is performed to identify and predict an individual’s ability to transmit and potentially develop various diseases and genetic abnormalities in the future. Since genetic diseases are often incurable and accompany individuals throughout their lives, causing significant suffering and distress during this period, identifying the likelihood of transmitting these disorders and preventing the birth of affected infants will be of utmost importance.

Genetic testing is a specialized examination through which defective chromosomes, genes, or proteins are identified and changes in these components are investigated. The results of these tests determine the carrier status of an individual. Furthermore, genetic tests will demonstrate how much an individual can transmit these disorders and how predisposed they are to developing genetic diseases in the future. Due to the complexity and diversity of genes, the interpretation and analysis of genetic tests fall under the expertise of specialists in this field of medical science. A proper interpretation of these results will have a significant impact on individuals’ subsequent decisions.

Genetic tests are conducted in reputable and specialized centers equipped with up-to-date technologies to reduce the error rate. The type of genetic test is determined by consultants and experts in this branch of medical science. Since genetic testing encompasses various types, a specific test will be requested after genetic counseling and determining the patient’s condition. These tests are entirely voluntary and not obligatory. Therefore, with genetic counseling before testing and becoming familiar with the risks, benefits, and drawbacks of these tests, the patient will decide whether or not to undergo the genetic tests. Genetic tests are performed on blood or other nucleus-containing tissues in the body.

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