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Mashhad’s largest specialized svvclinic has over twenty specialized physicians and thousands of satisfied patients.

Mashhad’s largest specialized genetics clinic has over twenty specialized physicians and thousands of satisfied patients.

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Genetic testing examines chromosomes and defective genes. These tests determine an individual’s carrier status for serious diseases and assess the risk of passing these diseases to future generations. Due to the complexity of genes, it’s advisable to entrust the interpretation of genetic tests to genetic specialists.

It takes several days to weeks from the time of sample collection for the results to be ready. However, genetic tests related to pregnancy, which have high urgency and importance, are usually available sooner.

Genetic counseling involves assessing the individual’s family medical history and conducting necessary genetic tests. This process provides comprehensive information about diseases patients may pass on to their future children.

Genetic counseling costs vary based on factors like the patient’s health issues and the number of counseling sessions needed. Generally, the cost of genetic counseling can range from 170,000 to over 3 million Iranian Rials.

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